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Annual club fee: $1000

About the club

The purpose of the association is to provide children and young people in the community with opportunities to be exposed to and participate in this physically and mentally beneficial activity through rugby. It is also hoped that members can learn rules through sports, how to get along harmoniously in competitions, and at the same time expand their social circles and establish good interpersonal relationships.

The Best Training

The club holds regular Coach workshops to allow them to obtain the latest rugby information and provide the most relevant training content to the players.

Qualified Instructors

The coaches are all certified by the Hong Kong Rugby Union

L1 World Rugby 15s coaching course and U8 coaching course

Happy Members

After the training, the players all made new friends. Through rugby training, they grew up healthily with their friends and supported each other on the way to growth.

not include in annual fee


Rugby boots and mouth guard is necessary

headgear is not necessary


Most frequent questions and answers

Annual Club Fee $1000 

*No extra fee will be collect (mouth guard, jerscy, boots not include)

(First year free for IBEL program)

A set (training tee, Elite Rugby Jersey, Elite Rugby Shorts, Socks) – $525HKD

Elite Rugby Jersey – $260HKD

Elite Rugby Shorts – $160HKD

Socks – $52HKD

rugby boots

mouth guard

headgear (not necessary)

Every Sunday 9.30am-12.30pm

Location:  Tai Hang Tung Recreation Ground

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